Haneys Barn


Hobo Town


      Vintage Traveling Hobo home

      PotBelly Stove by King Stove and Range of Sheffield, Ala. $old

      Steamer Trunk by Theisen Trunk $old

      Health chair by IronRite sold

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Iron Rite Health Chair



      Metal loop leg construction makes this a bouncy chair for the demented

      Lightweight and sturdy

      Repainted in bi-polar colors

      Cat tail friendly rocking chair


King Potbelly stove


      Small Potbelly stove about 26Tall and 11 across the round top

      15 x 15 square at base of feet

      both doors work

      Ash vent is sticky

      Handy for reheating grannys cooking

      Burns wood, coal or Ellie Maes Biscuits





Thiesen Trunk Co.


     Large enough for 1 bdr hobo suite

     optional copper bathing tub and Lantern

     Small footstool for added comfort



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